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 Frequently asked Questions

Functions without electricity - nightglow colours
The starry night sky at home is painted on and functions completely without electricity. The stars absorb the light in their vicinity (sunlight or artificial light) and release it when darkness falls for up to eight hours. During the day the Starseed Starry Sky is invisible, just like in nature.

Expert installation
This is an effective and at the same time subdued method of decorative painting causing no dirt, noise, smell or any other encumbrance.

Where can the starry night be used?
Ideal for every bedroom, bathroom, children's room, hotel room, wellness spheres and all
other areas used for relaxation and recuperation.

The Starry Sky is now available also on fabric with a wooden wedge frame for do-it-yourself installation.

Gazing at the Starry Sky has a tranquillizing effect and provides an intensive feeling of cosiness. These positive properties promote healthy sleep and relaxed well-being. With the Starseed Starry Sky dreaming of being below a sky full of stars can be fulfilled for everybody and in every room.

The Starseed Starry Sky is designed for people of all ages. It is useful as a sleeping aid for toddlers as well as a relaxing element in the wellness hotel. Even in care facilities the Starseed Starry Sky has a beneficial effect that is scientifically proven.


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