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Wood is a living material, provided with the benefits of nature. The fine-pored and skin-friendly surface provides easy care and hygienic cleanliness. To maintain its natural benefits in the long term, wood needs correct treatment and some care.
Oiled wooden surfaces have to be treated regularly. An oiled surface is subject to wear due to mechanical and physical stress in the course of time. It is particularly recommendable to treat the wooden bath furniture in the first months once a week or more with a hard wax oil. For re-oiling, place some oil on a cloth or a soft sponge and rub it evenly on the surface. The oil should be supplied thinly, but evenly onto the entire surface in the direction of the wood grain. It should be oiled from inside towards the outside, i.e. from the drain toward the edge of the tub. Let the oil act upon the wood for a few hours, preferably over night.

The hard wax oil recommended for wooden bath furniture features resistance against dirt, humidity and changes of temperature.

Then we recommend re-oiling the wooden bath furniture once a month. In any case, whenever the water does not roll off again.

Guideline: If the water rolls off the wood, it is still protected sufficiently by the oil. If the water does not roll off any more, you have to re-oil it.

Warning: Oil-soaked cloths, sponges and paper must be soaked in water immediately after use and hung up outdoors, otherwise there is danger of spontaneous combustion.

Recommended oils:
Osmo hard wax oil www.osmo.de
Owatrol Desk Olje D.2 www.owatrol.com

The Osmo hard wax oil and the wax care and detergent spray can be purchased directly in the US.

Floor heating system
Wooden bath tubs and wooden shower basins must not be placed directly on a floor heating system. The heating might adversely affect the quality of the wooden bath furniture.

The air humidity in the bathroom should not fall below 40 %. If this is the case, please humidify the air.

Further instructions for care
After using the wooden bath furniture the water should be let out and water residues should be dried with a cloth. This procedure should be carried out particularly around the drain. Do no leave the water in any case for more than one continuous hour in the tub, basin or shower.

Avoid using caustic cleaning agents and cleansing materials. For cleaning we recommend herbal soap. Such soap should be massaged in the wood in pure form and flushed with abundant water. Another option is the wax care and cleaning agent/spray produced by Osmo Color which can also be used for cleaning and care of the wooden bath furniture.

Repair of damaged points (grinding and re-oiling)
Damage of a mechanical or chemical nature can be eliminated by sanding the wood with sand paper (grain 220). This is to be done cautiously and evenly in the direction of the wood grain. Afterwards, apply oil again.

Always fill in hair cracks, which may form due to external dryness, with oil.

Expire of warranty
Our warranty provisions will expire if the instructions for care are not complied with. The sections on re-oiling, floor heating system and air humidity are of utmost importance.

Maintenance helps to upgrade the product. Please speak to our partner for further information.

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TOP IMPEX Worldwide

Albrecht-Dürer-Straße 4, A-9500 Villach / Austria
Tel.:+43/4242/31402 +43/676/5447751 Fax: +43/4242/31404
E-Mail: office@topimpex.com


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